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He didn't mention anything about mounting, but i'll be sure to ask him. And yeah, scanning or replicating with other methods would surely get some results. This was the reason he contacted me in the first place, but my photoshopping skillls are somewhat limited and i can't help but think he would be better off restoring the originals

If all else fails we'll scan them and i'll do my best to make a decent copy, but yeah. I tought i'd ask in here first as there seems to be an almost unlimited supply of analog knowledge here.
It is standard procedure to make copy negatives of any old prints you hope to restore. If the prints are yellowed, use a blue filter. Develop the film in a contrast-enhancing developer.

I would try a gentle application of naptha (cigarette-lighter fluid) on a small section first, but I am no expert, so check this advice with others. In any case, do not soak the paper.