Well, I have collected the CPE 2, and it doesn't work! Unfortunately, because the guy had a low rating, I paid cash, as I did not like the idea of parting with 180 in advance only to see a deleted account and disappearing seller.

I saw the motor working at his house and thought all was fine. I got it home, put some water in it, and at the lowest temperature setting on the thermostat, the water is maintained at 47 degrees C, (as measured using the two thermometers it came with ). Even worse is the motor is now screeching slowly and is clearly missing some lube and about to seize.

It does look absolutely new, the reel inside the 1520 drum is brand new, as if its never been used. I can only assume the motor has gone bad in the guy's attic. I don't think the guy came across as being dodgy when I met him.

I've contacted the guy on the phone to say its not working, but I think he is taking the stance that it was "sold as seen", particularly given I signed his receipt which said as such (although it also says the thing is working which it clearly doesn't). Do I have any recourse against this?