Hello, my name is Ben. I find this site to be very interesting, one of the best sites that I found recently. I worked as a news photographer in the Chicagoland area in the 70s and covered the local news. The John Wayne Gacy story was one of the larger stories that I covered with my camera. I also served in the US Army in the early 70s as a motion picture photographer.

Since the War in Iraq there have been many still photos that have appeared and continue to appear in various media. What photographs have grabbed your attention from this war? Describe the photo and publication where they appeared. Name the photographer.

Black and white film was the standard for many years for war photography. What do you think of the many color photographs we see coming out of the Iraq war? Do the color photographs have just as much impact as B&W photos?

If you are currently a photographer in Iraq, tell us about your experiences or on the technical end, what kind of equipment you are using.