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If you think you're "abusing" thin depth of field, you're obviously being brainwashed by the f64 crowd.

Resist! You use as thin a depth of field as you want to. No more.
Since large aperture lenses have become some form of status symbols, quite a few folks use razor thin DOF to distinguish themselves from "teh crowd", whether it suits the picture or not. It's just so damn tempting to open up that large aperture lens to show them super zoom toting n00bz, and in the more gadget oriented forums you can read hordes of folks cheering the bokeh in dull and random shots of the family cat.

And to be dead honest: I still cringe when I need to stop down my 85L and later curse myself for screwing up a potentially good shot with overly thin DOF which leaves important subject matter blurred or obscures the context the subject is interacting with. Unfortuately it takes a while before the novelty of thin DOF wears off and image composition becomes the main consideration when choosing aperture. I think that's what people mean with "abusing thin DOF" ..