I have one & use it to develop my film in it

IMO it works fine

As with all things on APUG there are CombiPlan lovers and haters – so be having lit the blue touch paper stand well back and be prepared :rolleyes:

It is one of the ways of processing 5x4 film - each method has their pros and cons

As far as I can tell no one method has outstanding advantages over any other, so it is very much a matter of personal choice.

Easy to use

They are a Pig to Fill (see bellow)

As they are difficult to fill, I pre-fill mine with 1100cc of dev solution, then in the dark load the cassette with film, when loaded dunk the cassette into the tank, agitate for 30sec and finally pop the lid on.
If the top is put on properly, it should hardly leak (at least mine doesn’t)
I then use an inversion agitation method for the remaining time.
When you invert the tank hold it so the long side (and then sheets of film) is facing you and rotate to the left and right – the chemicals slide past the face of the film sheets.
Rotating the tank the other way can cause the film to pop out of the retaining groves under the weight of the chemicals sloshing around.
I rotate about 120deg to the Left and then a similar amount to the Right 6 times each minute

I then have a series of these food containers in a sort of production line - http://www.lakeland.co.uk/F/product/2378
I have them pre-filled with Stop / Fix / Wash Water
The food containers are cheap but are not chemically inert – so don’t mix them up – the Stop Bath container is always the Stop Bath container
However, with the lid on they are leak proof – so can be inverted if required.

As I tend to do my film processing in batches, I have several cassettes, so while one batch of film is washing I can be processing another batch.
Again YMMV

To wash my film I use one of these - http://www.novadarkroom.com/product/...bo_Washer.html
I’m not sure if they are available with you
If not the Ilford wash method would work in one of the food containers.

Good luck