It was only +23F (-5C) today. The wife and I went for a little hike up a nice rocky canyon we have nearby. I took my Nikon F3HP. In the warmth of the house the battery looked fine but just the little bit of cold brought the battery down below a threshold and the F3 was dead as a hammer. Of course I hadn't the common sense to bring another battery. (Yes I know it works at a 90 sec. without a battery)

I'm more and more inclined to take my F2 nowadays when I want reliability, battery independence and a good solid working camera. Continually depending on batteries is becoming an irritant. Even the Wife's Canon G10 was showing it needed a recharge. So I have another idea.

Forget the F3, forget the Fe-2. Get a nice F2, or FM2 and find a good hand held light meter just in case.