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I used the Combi for awhile. It was a great improvement on the Yankee, but I was irritated by the constant leaking. I think had I used it longer I would have put some teflon tape on the bottom spigot since that was where it always dripped. I do really like using the innards to rinse sheets as well as to dry them.
I've yet to experience any leaking at the bottom spigot, only very minimal at the lid, and also none at the top spigot. And I reduced and even stopped leaking on one tank by shaving the left over plastic with a razor blade at the top edges of the tank from where it was formed in the mold, that seemed to create a better seal at the lid. Also, when I'm done with tanks, I clean them (of course) but I remove the spigots from the tank and I don't let them remain for long periods----I believe (but I don't really know) this takes better care of the gaskets in the spigot caps.