I'm remodeling my darkroom and was looking for odds&ends on the big auction site last night and came across a seller (a photo equipment store) that was selling several different Meopta enlarging lenses. He had three (brand new in the box) Meopta Meogon 80mm f2.8 enlarging lenses so I bought two of them at the "buy it now" price of $44.00. I thought I could try both and keep the best one. Maybe I should have bought all three to try, but I figured two should do. Now, the truth is I know very little about Meopta lenses(never owned one), but have heard they were comparable to other good quality enlarging lenses. What really swayed me on these two was the fact that they have a max aperture of f2.8. I can only imagine what it's going to be like focusing one of my Rollei negs at f2.8. It should be heaven! The real question is this, are the lenses good enough for work with the Rollei negatives. Anyone have any experience with the Meopta lenses, especially the 80mm f2.8. Doesn't make much sense taking great pictures with a Rollei or whatever and then trying to enlarge them with a coke bottle. JohnW