Got it !!!
I am the proud new owner of a not so new 45MXT (a beast compared to my Durst M600). It includes both heads, Dichro and condenser, a Nikkor 135mm, stainless steel print washer, a print dryer, a light table of 49x15, a brand new contact proofer, 2 brand new easels: a 4 blades 11x14 and a 2 blades 16x20, 3 negatrans, a 4x5 negative carrier, and an upset wife when she saw the stuff all over my darkroom. They are all in near mint condition (including the wife), all that for finally $275 (excluding the wife, after 16 years, she is more expensive). A little cleaning in the next days, and do not search me for the next weekend, I will be on the dark side of the house.