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Claims that an RF can be hand held for 1/5 second are also a bunch of $#!+.
Well I disagree. I can handhold to that speed for sure and get acceptable sharpness. The "trick" is not to use the shutter release at all but to use the timer instead. If you do that you will find that 1/5 is difficult but not impossible. It is a low probability shot under many conditions, but one in two or three shots will be just fine if the wind isn't blowing too hard

But I do agree, Steve, that a hassie (or rb) is certainly handholdable to 1/60. If that's really what you want to prove then why not simply show shots taken handheld at 1/60? The penny thing proves nothing in this regard.

Along those lines, this shot was handheld at 1/15 or 1/20, as I recall, with a mamiya 645 afd. 1/60 is nothing.