I have the opportunity to pick up an Omega D2 enlarger locally, and Iím just trying to decide if itís better than what I have now. It was listed as a D2, so at this point Iím assuming itís exactly that, and not a DII or a D2V. Cones (although Iíll likely not need them) and and some negative holders included, no lenses. A little dust, good bellows, good overall condition, according to the seller. I havenít seen it yet, I wanted some advice before I drove to the town where itís located.

I shoot 35mm, 6x4.5, and recently was gifted a Rolleicord for 6x6. My lust for a Pentax 6x7 SLR (and a set of lenses) has thankfully been held at bay by the fact that my current B22 XL wonít handle that negative size, and I havenít bought a bigger enlarger because I donít have a need yet. A chicken and egg that has saved me from myself. The B22 has been perfect for my needs, since I need portability to shuttle it in and out of the bathroom each printing session.

My question is this: for my printing needs today (6x7 purchases wouldnít happen any time soon, and Iím never going to 4x5), is the D2 an upgrade over my current rig? Positives or negatives of one versus the other? Is the D2 too big for easy moving around?

The cost of the enlarger isnít really much of an issue; Iíd be able to sell the B22 for around the same price.

Thoughts and advice would be appreciated, thanks.