I have D-II and D-2 but both of them have a lamp housing that are labeled D-II. The only way I can tell them apart is because one of them have geared up/down crank and the other one does not. (former is D-2 and latter is D-II). However I hear Omega itself has used name overlapping two different models. Also, these are very modular. Over time, it appears people swapped parts. My D-II have the variable condenser and more later D-2 does not. I am telling you all this so you know, until you have the unit and inspect it, you can't expect anything.

Don't over pay! I picked up my first one at a second hand camera store for $40. It included still usable lens. All I needed was cleaning. Second one was free but were missing few parts. Kind soul on this forum shipped me the missing parts.

Either D-2 or D-II, forget moving unless you put it on a cart. It's huge and heavy. (also top heavy)