Ah, the memories of countless hours in high school, in the darkroom with a venerable D2 (back in the late 60's it was already venerable!) The D2 is an imposing monster, standing 5’ tall. If you’ve got 7’ ceilings in your darkroom, look elsewhere for an enlarger or assume its placement on a relatively low base support, not a standard counter! Its sturdy double I-beam construction has become standard for many enlarger designs, and once you’ve got one of these things adjusted properly they are absolutely rock solid. While recommendations were to not try to print 135 with the 4x5 condensors, we did it just fine back then without fooling with condensors...the slower printing times were beneficial for dodging and burning in! We just left it set up for 4x5 because we had that size film in a press camera for night football with ASA 1250 Royal X film.