Hey Jordan, you're right, it's hard to put a 24mm lens into that mix and have it come in under $200. The problem with many systems like Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Minolta (Maxxum), even M42, is that the lenses can be used on digitals (though some only with adapters). This keeps the prices higher. Look for a system that can't be used on digital, and maybe one that was never common.

The Russian cameras come to mind, but there's actually a fair trade in the M42 russian lenses, and I've heard less than flattering things about the reliability of the cameras. Canon FD and Minolta MD might be options, especially if you'd be willing to settle for an off-brand 24mm, like a Vivitar or Tokina. Some of them are still quite good. Another one is Konica. Their lenses were supposed to be exeptional, though I've never shot with one. I expect they'd be pretty cheap. Try the Autoreflex T3 -- it certainly could be used as a weapon. I work for a camera store that sells used equipment. I think we could put a kit together for you. PM me if you're interested.