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Polaris SPD100 Digital Exposure Meter looks interesting! How big is it, will it comfortably fit in the pocket of my pants I wonder...? (innocent question for those with a dirty mind
I dont have it in my hand right now, so I wont give you dimensions, but it fits in a pocket very well. At least, it fits in my pockets. I do tend to wear loose fitting shorts and pants with decent sized pockets (big enough for my hands to move around freely).

Mine came with a neckband, as well. Actually, the neckband is a bit of a hassle becuase the meter hangs all the way down to my waist. I find that rather annoying, so I keep it in my pocket.

Just be careful when it's in your pocket. It has one of those white domes for incident readings. I've never done it, but I guess it could be easy to bump in to something and crack or break it. That could be a problem with any incident meter, though. I've never heard of that happening to anyone, but I'm good at doing stupid shit like that, so I'll end up doing that one day probably