OK, So what I have is a Rodenstock Imagon 120mm f4.5 lens that's attached to a Prontor Professional 1 shutter, it looks like, that's attached to a Hasselblad converter that appears to have a focusing ring. Plus I have a lens hood, a filter of some sort labelled 4x and three snap-on disks labeled H=4.5/H=5.8, H=5.8/H=7.7, & H=7.7/H=9.5.

How the HECK does this thing work with my Hassey?

The converter doesn't have the cocking mechanism in it, so it looks like I have to hold and cock the mirror up and then depress the shutter some how. What I can't do is focus because the shutter is always closed and I can't figure out how to open the shutter long enough to focus.

I probably need a very fancy cable release of some sort as well in order to time this thing properly.


Regards, Art.