Stevco, I think your ideas are quite sound and I would be doing about the same as you.

Your location, time of shoot, are good. I think the outside setting would be easier from a photographers point of view as you have plenty of room to move in or out to get good framing. Inside you may be restricted in how far back you can go.

If you are starting off with the 58mm lens and things look good, then you can just move back to get more in, inside a building you will probably have to stop and change to the wider lens.

My preference is to use a fixed lens instead of a zoom. Stick with the same f stop, unless the light changes and just move in or out. You will normally have quite equally exposed negatives with this kind of shooting.

With a variable f stop zoom lens the aperture will change, this is alright if you are shooting on auto, but not so good if you are using manual settings.

I would think the best camera is the SRT 101 with the two lenses, keep it simple.

I would certainly use a reflector. You can make a reflector using cooking aluminium foil crumpled and stuck to some cardboard using pins or sticky tape.

As for film, I would suggest that you may be best if you use negative film, either B&W or colour. The reason is that you have a better chance of getting some kind of picture with an incorrect but usable exposure.

With slide film, you really have one go at getting exposure right, if it isn't right then the image is usually not too good.

I would get it right with the 35mm SRT 101 first, before using either of the other two cameras you have.

I think you have the makings of a good picture, or set of pictures.