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Now that I have put a dozen rolls through the Iconta - I like the camera but am unhappy with the lens - the Novar is nice and sharp in the center but even stopped all the way down is only marginal at the edges. I think one day I will sell it and replace it with a 6x9 folder with good edge to edge sharpness. Which one is that ... is it only the Heliar version of the Bessa?
My Super Ikonta has a Tessar 105mm 3.8. I shot some Velvia slide film to test the lens and shutter. Despite huge light leaks that I have solved using the bellows patch from Bostick and Sullivan, I have not noticed a sharpness fall off when inspected with a schneider 4x loupe on a light table. Though the lens is not tack sharp, it has got plenty of saturation and I believe it will make very sharp enlargements up to 20 inches wide. I am happy with that.