I've bought a number of things from KEH recently. Couldn't be happier with the items. The best buy was a "BGN" Nikon N90s. Originally priced at $39.00, marked down to $29.00. I ordered it online. Wasn't expecting much, but knew that they usually rated their products very conservatively. I got the camera packed very well. When I unpacked it I was shocked. It looked like brand new. On very careful inspection, I found a couple of smudges on the rubberized coating on the back, and a couple very tiny nicks on the prism. It was very clean. If I were to venture a guess, I would say it was a display model in a good camera shop, not a big box store.

Today I took it out and ran a roll of film through it, just to test it out. Seems to work perfectly. No issue at all.

Very Happy. I just have to keep myself off of their website!!!! Even at their prices, one could easily go overboard.