I'll chime in about Minoltas as well. I shoot mainly medium format these days, but still use my Minolta system frequently enough (mostly for HIE). The lenses remain a constant and I always keep my X700 and XD11 going strong. Other bodies come and go, but they're so easy to find and cheap to replace. I am currently cleaning up a pair of SRT-202s for my kids to try out as their first "very-own" film cameras. All-manual-perfect-for-beginners, right?

What they don't know is that, if they maintain an interest in photography over the years, they'll each get an old spruced-up-by-me Barnack-era Leica. Those I found in bits and pieces needing easy repairs and minor parts here and there. Overall they were dirt-cheap bargains.... by Leica standards. Still nowhere near "suicide cameras".