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If you may need to use your camera as a self defense weapon, I recommend a Koni-Omega. Just advance the film once and from the sound of it your opponent will think you have chambered a round in your .45 Auto. They should leave you alone then, if not use it as a club.

I'd just use my Nikon equipment and get the job done with cameras that I know work and that I know how to work.

So true. Think of the sound of a pump shotgun ratcheting in a new round. It would be like beating someone with an ugly stick (the Koni-Omega is really ugly). The 6x7 negative is a treat, because it matches the 8x10 aspect ratio perfectly.

Otherwise, I have a few Nikon SLRs which I bought because they were unbelievably cheap. I got a N8008s for about $40. These are great cameras, with interchangeable lenses, autofocus, and great metering.