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This is a great thread and very informative. My main issue is still with my focussing. Too spoiled from the Autofocus and now need to concentrate more on hyperfocal distances etc... I also just bought The Hasselblad Manual for some light bedside reading.
Using the hyperfocal distance for pre-focusing is sometimes helpful, but for your style of work, Nicole, I'm guessing that you'll still want to focus precisely, rather than depending on DOF and small f-stops. If you're using a prism finder, there is also a view magnifier that flips into position for very precise focusing. I find it really handy - as long as the subject is relatively static.

If you want to print out some DOF tables for your lenses to add to your light, bedside reading (Wildi is almost as good as Adams), I have one on my site at the link below that you may find useful.