Just back from the talk....and dinner and hanging out in Ann Arbor with another photo bud. It was great to see Bill and I totally concur with Bill's description of the symposium. I'll add that if you like William Eggleston you'll like some of Alec Soth's work, too. I especially liked Alec's story done with stills, video and sound of his trip to Memphis, TN, getting a hotel room with his dog, explaining to his dog (and ultimately us) his plan of walking 7 miles to Eggleston's house and hoping for a good situation. It was not a good situation. But one of my favorite photos came from this piece. After Mrs. Eggleston slammed the door on Alec and his dog, Alec managed to get a nice photo taken through the Eggleston's kitchen window (from the outside in, of course). If I'm asked to leave a property I'm not sure I'd be looking through windows of the place to get a photo, but he had to leave with something, I suppose. Part II is next Saturday: http://tinyurl.com/ydyzsmu