I bought it yesterday. For $40 (including a 75mm Componar), I couldn't say no. I lifted it a few times, and you guys are right: it IS big and heavy, but not unmanageable. It came with 35mm, 6x6, and 4x5 negative carriers and assorted cones. I'll dust it off, download the manual, align it, and try it out with my EL-Nikkor 50/2.8. If I like the way it handles, I'll keep it, shop for a cheap 645 carrier for my Bronica negatives, and sell off the B22XL (don't have space for two enlargers). Otherwise, I can always resell it, no harm, no foul.

In the future, I'll look around for a Pentax 6x7, but I am never shooting 4x5! I am never...shooting...4x5. I...am...why is this slope so slippery???

Anyway, thanks for everyone's insight and suggestions, much appreciated.