Say I had a lens or two with 110mm / 4.33" rear elements and I wanted a shutter for film shooting would a Packard with a 4.5" aperture be ideal or would it vignette the image (especially when stopped down) due to it being mounted a little further away from the element itself ?

I can see this issue either by it being installed on the front and extended out on the lens hood or mounted inside the camera with the distance taken up by the mounting flange and lens board - or can you mount them on the outside of the lens board and then the lens directly to the shutter ?

Both lenses are of the design that doesn't extend past the mounting flange...

Perhaps a 5" or larger would be a better choice ?

I'm keen on the Packard as I understand you can get flash sync but I guess the same logic/question could apply to roller blind shutters ?

Kind Regards,
Nick Mulder