There are so many so I've tried to limit the choice to my absolute must have.

Don McCullin: Sleeping with Ghosts. In my view one the the all time great war photographers.

Garry Winogrand: Fragments from the real world.

William Klein: New York 1954/55
Both have been a constant source of inspiration in my photography.

Jean Gauny: Men at Sea. A very moving and expressive photo documentary of the working life of fishermen.

Colin Jones: Grafters. A collection of photographs of working class people in the UK

Paul Caponigro: The Wise Silence. Probably one of my absolute favourite photographers and certainly the best print maker that I've ever seen.

Bruce Barnbaum: Visual Symphony. An emotive collection of images from a very committed photographer.

John Blakemore: The Stilled Gaze. A nine year study of tulips, inspirational to see such a wide variety of images from a simple tulip. I'm also lucky enough to have several of the original prints hanging on the wall.

Edward Weston: Any book that is available. In my view probably the most influential and innovative photographer ever to grace this earth.