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Since I am doing this I had probably one round where I got all. I think it is unfair to sign in and then not sending the cards. Sometimes there are good reasons, sometimes not.

BUT!!! In every single round there were some postcards where I said "Yes! Sending those 50 postcards was worth getting this single card." And browsing through my pile of hundreds of postcards makes me forget about those unfulfilled commitments and keeps me organizing this lightly.

As I (think I may) already have written, I have no argument with people who could not meet their commitments. We all have different constraints, and so there could be many good reasons for somebody not being able to send all his cards. These reasons may however seem bad reasons to others.

I do the exchange because I'm happy to overcome my shyness and it's a great way to show my images AND because, as you said, a single card can make the exchange worth (I will not give names obviously, but there were several in this round that could qualify for this !)