I was given an FG the other day. Cosmetically it's great, looking basically like new, but it has some issues. The mirror, prism and eyepiece lens were all hazy, and of course all the seals and foam had turned icky. I spent a pleasant evening pulling the top off, removing the prism, and cleaning all the surfaces, then cleaning out all the old foam and replacing it.

So now it's nice to look through, but the shutter is sticky. If I set the speed to say 1/4 and trip the shutter, the mirror pops up and the shutter opens, then 1/4 second later I can hear the second curtain trip, but it takes a second or two before the shutter actually closes and the mirror drops back down.

I noticed the shutter blades weren't perfectly clean, so I tried flooding them with isopropyl using a cotton bud and exercising the shutter. It fired nicely while the shutter was damp with isopropyl, but as it started to evaporate became increasingly sluggish, at one point taking about five minutes before the shutter closed.

I'm guessing that I really need to pull the shutter assembly out to ascertain what's sticking. From reading my nikon repair book, that will necessitate pulling the top off again, and then pulling the lens mount, aperture resistor and mirror box, which looks like a mammoth job.

I confess I'm starting to get frustrated with this one - it's a camera with zero value. It's tempting to admit defeat and move on.

Does anyone know any possible shortcuts for ungumming shutter assemblies?