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I was under the beginners (naive) impression that sending out 10 cards (plus 4 to Sean, Simon and a couple of other non-participating people), combined with the people who has signed up for maximum would get me a good amount of postcards.

Well, I have thus far got 7 cards plus one email in return. So I guess that is a good return, getting 8 out from 14 sent. I will probably sign up in the future, because I like the challenge in itself. And yes, there are cards that are worth it all, no names named.

Thanks to all of you who have made the effort and Rüdiger who manages the exchange.
The idea is send out ten cards, get 10 cards in return. That is in a perfect world and you can't count the cards sent to non participants. I'm not sure I understand the one you received by email, sounds like you are 7 for 10 right now. Hopefully you will receive a couple more cards before it's all said and done. The best way to get more cards is to sign up for the max.