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No capacitor in the AA holder of my 45CL3 or 45CT4. The original owner manual provides no explicit warning against the use of recharge45-39 ables in the AA holder, although the instructions do say "use only alkaline manganese batteries of size IEC LR 6 (penlight cells size AA)"

The 45-40 Nicad pack from Metz is not one that is designed for the user to remove and replace cells. The Nicads in this holder are factory installed in the pack.
Now while I still have not received an official word from Metz/Bogen, I am thinking that the ones without the "capacitor" are the older "AA" holders, while those with that "thingie" are the newer design, made for re-chargable "AA" batteries, but NOT for use with NiCads or the newer NiMH batteries. As stated by "wiltw" , the NiCads/NiMH holders are sealed so to speak and not meant to be taken apart and messed with.

Once again, if official word from Metz/Bogen arrives, I'll post.