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Yes, I guess it is low in contrast, if you consider the dMax is only 1.63. But here is the kicker. I have printed a negative that was made for a Kallitype and it looks pretty good for a first, quick, and dirty attempt.

As I mentioned above I would like to experiment with the developer to try and adjust contrast to suit the negative I wish to print.

Do you think that's possible?

The emulsion is Denise's 1A from the Light Farm without add KI.

... and thank you for your comments.

The KI might boost contrast, or the contrast might be low due to the type of salt that you used. Sea salt often has other positive ions that can affect the grain type (good or bad).

The amount of silver coated is also critical to contrast and dmax, and that might be another source of the low dmax and low contrast.

But, as you say, it makes good pictures and that is what counts.

This is a takeoff on an early pure chloride emulsion without the active gelatin so that is another factor in speed, contrast and dmax.

If you wish to raise contrast, adjust the gap (undercut) in your coating blade. With that formula the gap can be from 5 mil to 10 mil and as you go up, contrast and dmax will go up due to the rising level of silver.

If you cannot get everclear, you will find that i-propyl alcohol will work as long as it does not have any of the denaturing ingredients that cause it to become cloudy when added to water.