If you're not familiar with Zivity, you may want to check out my blog post today (2/4/2010). You will probably want to check it out from home ...

The reason I think that it may be of interest to folks here on APUG is that I am planning to put some photos up taken with some TriX and Portra. When I do, I'll put the scans here.

From the brief viewing of the site I've seen so far, it mostly looks like digital imaging...yet still very interesting.

I've put a 30 day free trial email invite address in my blog post, and you won't need a credit card to check it out. I'm actually looking forward to checking it out myself with the trial. So far I've only checked out the free areas.

Do any folks here subscribe or put content on Zivity? If so, what things do you like about the site, and dislike?