We haven't been getting much white sh-tuff here in the northern part of Pa. I've been looking forward to lots of it this winter, so the family can get out to ski(x-c). Getting out on skinny boards with a camera is tons better fun than looking at brown and gray dismal landscapes. At least I haven't had to shovel much this winter. 'fI were you I'd shoot, print, shoot s'more, print s'more, look outside to see whats going on, drink some favorite beverage, retire to the DR s'more--maybe wait for the storm to subside before shoveling--Oh ya, better lay in s'more food and other sundry necessities before it hits, you dont wanna come out of the DR, especially mid-storm, just to go to the store in a blizzard.

Oh-If you are in a printing funk, send me the paper--I'll gladly print it all up for you.