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I love learning new things. I wasn't aware of Lavedrine's book in French specifically on Autochrome. I don't own that one. The book I have is a survey of all historical processes. Anyway, I put together the info I have access to here: http://thelightfarm.com/Map/Books/Te...BookReview.htm
Thank you for making this available. I have just been reading with great interest the section on screen plates. I wonder if a realistic and relatively easy approach to approximating an autochrome would be to create a screen plate (using modern plastics and dyes, and perhaps based on figure 112 on page 460). This could be fixed to a panchromatic sheet of film (TMY-2, perhaps), which would then be reversal-developed. If I knew an Indian or Chinese plastics or dye factory, I'd be tempted to try this.