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This could be done, but you would need 3 sheets of film for the R/G/B record and a 3 color beam splitting camera such as used about 100 years ago for color.

I have some filters for tri-colour, what I mean to say, is that you cant develop/dye exposed silver, pull it before its done, then do another develop with a different develop/dye bath and a third and so on, then bleaching and use? etc?

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Thank you for making this available. I have just been reading with great interest the section on screen plates. I wonder if a realistic and relatively easy approach to approximating an autochrome would be to create a screen plate (using modern plastics and dyes, and perhaps based on figure 112 on page 460). This could be fixed to a panchromatic sheet of film (TMY-2, perhaps), which would then be reversal-developed. If I knew an Indian or Chinese plastics or dye factory, I'd be tempted to try this.
Id say youd have to know a worker directly to get them to bring you some stuff

A chinese factory/company will have a minimum order quantity of about a container load.

As I found out when I inquired about Lucky colour film in the 300 & 600 metre pancake rolls.. wish someone would sell those directly, would be great for motion picture.