I used Google SketchUp to draw the coating blade I fashioned from 1/2" plexi and stainless steel. I am attaching a jpeg which is a little large so you can see the general dimensions. I am also attaching the SketchUp file ( fingers crossed.)

The drawing only shows the plexi-glass body, it would be 2 complicated to draw screws and the 'blade' is just a cheap 6" stainless rule.

Several notes:
You will notice a small hole at the end of the slot that houses the blade. This is to prevent the plexi from cracking as the screws are tightened to hold the blade in position. I drilled these holes first and then sawed the slot to the hole on the bandsaw. I used 10-32 stainless steel button head socket screws. The holes for the screws are tapped just on the bottom, longer section so when the screw is tightened the plexi is squeezed to clamp the blade. Be sure the blade doesn't touch the screws or it may move as the screws are turned, defeating the purpose of the design.

Kirk asked how far the blade is from the body. ~3/64" Of course, I do a lot of eyeball engineering; build to suit.

SketchUp is free! Look for it on Google.

I guess I can't upload the .skp file, so if anyone wants it just suggest a method to make it avialable.