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I friended you on deviantart, some really good stuff there.
Thanks. I'll reciprocate once I get back on over there.

I read and looked at the "too staged" b/w and have mixed feelings. While it's technically excellent, it seems like it is trying to mimic the styles of the past (car, clothing, of past decades).
Well that was sort of the idea for that particular shoot. I wanted to shoot something along the lines of "daughter is grown up too fast, gets busted in daddy's car with her boyfriend" but I felt like setting it back in the 1950's or early 1960's would make it a bit more scandalous, when social values were generally more conservative than they are today.

So in that particular case, I wanted it to look like something that might have been shot decades ago.

Obviously if you've seen the rest of my work there you know that I'm generally not "stuck in the past" and don't even work 100% in film or even B&W for that matter.

So if you aren't putting much art. nud. on dev. does dev. art also not pay enough to make it worthwhile?
Zivity & dA are vastly different sites. dA is useful to me because if someone wants to see my work and they aren't local, I can refer them to that site & they can get a good sampling of some of my work without having to pay any money. With Zivity, almost everyone looking at the work is paying for it, so I really have to insist on getting paid if I put anything there.