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and some stuff on flickr, but less organized.
I generally don't even promote my Flickr presence because it has become a sort of dumping grounds, containing everything from my more elaborate & fully staffed photo shoots to simple snapshots hanging out with friends.

I also shoot film and digital, I like film better, and get more "keepers" with film, probably because with digital I am bracketing freely and just clicking more since I don't have to swap out rolls every ~36 frames.
When it counts, and it's for me, I shoot in film. I had been shooting a mix of digital & film mostly because models & stylists, etc, are sometimes a bit demanding about wanting color and/or digital images if we work on a trade basis.

I've gradually been taking a harder stand. "This is how I work. I use a 40+ year old twin lens camera, and I use B&W medium format film. Your images will all be B&W, and will probably have grain, too. Love it or lump it."

I've been working on something that doesn't yet have a public face but it's all B&W film, all fully staffed fashion shoots. I'll be sure to post a thread when there is enough there available online to show the APUG community.