I tend to avoid drinking darkroom chemicals, or, breathing deeply as if we were talking about fresh apple pie (although I have to fight the temptation with fix -- yes, I'm one of those ).

I actually don't use particularly small quantities of PF600, but it does bring up an important topic in emulsion making. There are many chemicals that are used in very, very small quantities, especially when you scale down for home darkroom-sized recipes. The solution to the problem is to make a solution, i.e. mix a quantity of the chemical that can be accurately weighed with your particular weighing apparatus with water, most easily 1 liter, and then add the number of mls of the %-solution that will give you the miniscule amount called for in the recipe. A Google search will give you all the details you could possibly need, or see Steve Anchell's The Darkroom Cookbook (Disclaimer: Steve is a friend. Still, he's written a great book that I wouldn't be without.)