Now the dark/bathrooms will rise to the surface. Has Tom Sauerwein posted to this thread yet? He's got a really nice bathroom conversion with trays stacked vertically in a shower stall, that like mine, also needs to function as a bathroom (well, in Tom's case, the shower installation is semi-permanent, while we really need to use the shower, because that's the only one in the apartment) when it's not being used as a darkroom, but unlike mine, his has a fairly spacious adjacent room that can be blacked out and functions as the "dry side".

I make a point of working while my wife is out, and, um, arranging things so that "emergencies" are unlikely.

In New York a flat level floor is a rare thing, so that rubber wedge is a necessity. The table is an old typewriter table that rolls right over the commode and fits just between the wall and the vanity. Part of the attraction of that particular D-II was that it has a small baseboard, which is as large as I can fit in that space. The baseboard is larger than the table so I put a set of rubber feet on the bottom of the baseboard to match the footprint of the table, so it can be stable while it hangs over the edges. The feet that I added are lower than the original feet in the four corners of the baseboard, so that if I want to use it on a larger table at some point, I can do it without changing anything.

I do process 11x14" film and prints in this space, and I have print drums as large as 20x24" if I want to print big (though I can awkwardly manage 16x20" in trays).