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Lack of mention of lithium battery with older flash is likely because Lithium type battery for AA size did not exist or was not in common use at the time those flash units were produced......
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...Lithium batteries are a more recent invention than the 45 CL 4.
(P.S. see that tkamiya made the same point.)
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I have the original manual for my 45 CL-4, when I got it a number of years ago. In the section regarding “Power Supply” aside from not mentioning Lithium batteries (yes, yes I know, I know, way, way before its time) it does mention the P-50 power pack and the N-22 or N-23 A/C power supply (both of which has been discontinued for a very long, long time).

The newer manual (obtained on-line as a pdf) for the 45 CL-4, “plain unit” (for lack of a better word, i.e. not the Digital or Digital Basic kit), again under the section "Power Supply", you will note it drops the mention of the long discontinued N-22 or N-23, but still mentions the P-50 power pack. Once again it does not mention anything regarding lithium.

My point…. If they edited the manual to include dropping the mention of the A/C power supply, surely they would have included the disclaimer about lithium, if they were so worried about it.

I still think that the circuitry for the newer 45 CL-4 Digital is much different, and more importantly I think when they say not to use lithium, they are referring to some lithium batteries that are indeed of a higher power rating per battery then others (1.75v).

The brand of lithium batteries that I use is rated 1.5v each, same as the alkaline.

Of course this is all a moot point until / if Metz/Bogen ever decides to provide a more concrete and official response, regarding that "capacitor thingie".