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n decade [ˈdekeid, diˈkeid]
a period of ten years the first decade of this century (= 1900–09).

Also see Wikipedia
So we are in the 2nd decade of the 21st century, at least culturally.

As to snow, I lived in DC & Charlottesville area for 25 years and had only one heavy snowfall (sometime in late 70's). I'm envious. Its rainy and in 60's here.
I use Wikipedia as a comic book or entertainment. It is usually accurate for simple things, but I do come across errors enough not to use it for serious research. I do not bother to note the errors. Again for me it is part of the web entertainment. This error is just typical of Wikipedia, people add to it what they want to believe without doing due diligence. sorry to burst your bubble.

Nah, I am not sorry.