At one point or another we all have a tendency to get inspired by Mr. Dagor.

When we finally locate one and put it to use we quickly find an excuse to sell it to someone that is a bit behind us in the "dagor mystique" curve. I have seen the cycle repeat itself regularly.

When I was recently working on a lens project with an optical physicist and mentioned the Dagor he looked back at me like he had just bitten into a lemon. "Surely we can do much better than that," he commented. He showed me the curves and pointed out the deficiencies of the design and we moved on. The project was doomed when we got to the materials cost but I got a real taste about what technological advancements in optical glass and computerized design programs have done to dramatically improve the process of lens design. Bottom line from my point of view - there are many other alternatives that are much less costly and perform much better.