Have a look at these three prints, the top one printed last week (not so saturated in real life), the bottom two last night:

The first two have the same settings (105M / 95Y, 7 seconds)
The bottom one is 60M / 50Y, 7 seconds

Why are the first two strikingly different?

After I made the first print I removed my lamp and put it back in (see this thread for why) - both prints use the same lamp. My Blix was new and my dev had been replenished. Paper is Endura and chemistry is Kodak replenisher.

After printing the second one I attempted to filter out the cast, not a bad attempt for a guess under artificial light. But what's going on here? The whites on the borders of the second two are also a little yellow - like the difference between milk and cream.

Dodgy chemistry?
Light fogging?
Something disturbed inside the enlarger?

Any ideas?