Okay, I gave is my best shot. I carefully disassembled it and took about thirty photos of the process.

Here's one, showing the intricacy of the mechanics and electronics surrounding the rewind crank:

Not long after I took this photo, I decided enough was enough, and harvested the camera for useful screws etc.

Basically the shutter didn't respond to cleaning. It just got slower and gummier. I think I really needed to pull it out and drop it in an ultrasonic tank. But in order to get it out, I'd have needed to fabricate a special tool, as one of the screws holding it in was rather strange.

So at this point, I decided it was of more value for its fasteners etc than as a camera. I harvested all the screws, put the shiny new lens mount on my FE2, played with the naked prism, and binned the rest.