I remember my first LF enlargement. It ruined me completely. I tried to get off gently with 6x6 - forget 35mm - I was just hooked. Everytime I enlarge "cute little films" I say to myself - gee - for all the effort, I could have used my 4x5 and had a spectacular print. So now my Zeiss lenses for 35mm are -just for 4x6 and 5x7 prints. I rarely take a 6x6 negative past a 11x14 print. For the time in the darkroom - it might as well be a serious negative - BIG. I still use each camera for what it is well suited; the 35 is for small enlargements of family, friends and events. The Rollei is for fine art of people and places that the 4x5 won't go. For stuff I want to hang in gallerys, I use the 4x5. Now we need to introduce you to some new chemistry that isn't real fine on cute little film but really maximizes 4x5 negatives in tonal range ..... PMK. Unless of course you already discovered it. 4x5 is a gateway drug you know - You will be tempted to try alternate printing processes as well. - good luck - Frank