Having been a musician and music engineer and producer for most of my life, and photographer only in recent years, working as a photojournalist and otherwise, I can only say that I was always 'seeing' the music, ALWAYS seeing and hearing what I was doing. Not just full songs but color tones while changing equlaization curves, selecting the right mic etc. With images its the same for me, only I draw on my previous experiences with dynamic range, composition over time is now composition in two dimensions etc.

Honestly, photography is not always related to music in the same way that music was visual for me. But I have to say they are similar enough for me not to worry about why I make this or that decision when composing or editing. I just do what comes naturally and I definitely draw on all my production and theoretical experience and knowledge without second guessing.

Music in my head, music playing, whatever... I cant see why anyone would be upset over this but I will assume I am one of the lucky ones.