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Of all my cameras my RB67 is my favorite and I need to learn to use my hand held effectively with this camera. I shot a roll of film yesterday and exposed each still life scene based on the reflective reading and then the next frame on the incident reading. I am thinking this will teach me something?????
I'm sure it will.

I know you have asked about personal EI in other threads and your metering technique is an integral part of deciding on a personal EI so I'll make this comment here.

Given you using lights, my expectation would be that the incident meter would provide consistent results and the reflective meter would ask for changes to the exposure based on the composition, i.e. darker compositions will ask for more exposure and vice-versa.

You may like some of the incident metered shots better, that's okay but take the next step.

With the incident meter's consistency you may find the incident metered negatives are generally a-bit-too-thick or a-bit-too-thin to print the way you like.

If this is true you adjust your personal EI (the ISO setting on the meter) to match your incident metering for that film to your preferences.