I have a much loved D-II, which used to live in a little darkroom in Carnegie Hall many years ago, where it was used for the printing of Irving Penn's work, along with several others. My father knew the two guys who ran the lab, and managed to get the enlarger from them when they closed up shop. It still works flawlessly, alongside our old Durst 606, which will be joined by a Durst Laborator 1000 with Pavelle 401 in the next few weeks.

I really do love my Omega, and can't stand the Beseler 23Cs that I work on here at school. Some of them are hideously out of alignment, and only one of them has a Schneider mounted in it. Student abuse has clearly taken its toll, but I really hate the Beseler negative carrier design, much prefer the two interlocking plates with pin cutouts and register grooves of the Omega D carriers.