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I have sold off most of my Dagor type lenses so mostly agree with your comments. Modern plasmat type lenses are sharper at large apertures than Dagors, and probably have better coating.

However, the design itself did not reach the end of the line in the 1970s with the multi-coated Kern dagors, which are some of the most contrasty lenses ever made. The fairly recent Schneider 550mm XXL Fine Art lens is in fact a true Dagor design which takes advantage of new glasses and computer design. So with all the background of lens design Schneider chose a Dagor type design as the one that best delivered the specific image qualities they thought important in a lens of this type.

Sandy King
You are spot on Sandy. The ability of Schneider to access the wide range of optical glass and modern coatings melded well with the known ability of the Dagor to to produce a very large and highly desirable image circle for the class of customers these Fine Art Lenses were targeted for - ULF photographers. Schneider was also able to excise most of the undesirable components of this lens in the design as it sounds based upon your observations, that it is a marvelous optic to have in the field. Clearly the price to accomplish this package is a bit steep compared to the used market for Artars and others, but after I learned how financially challenging it is to bring a simple Artar type optic into the ULF market, the price now seems very reasonable for what is being delivered. Coming up with the money for it is a whole other matter.

One of these days I hope to own a 550 XXL. But in the meantime I need to close some more deals in my business and then find one for sale. Eventually I found my 30" Red Dot and 305 Computar based upon your recommendations and am pleased with their performance.